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Francoise Gilot
Endre Rozsda
Julien Allegre
Michael Bastow
Geraldine Begbeider
Anri Basilaia
Pascal Pilate
Bernard Quentin
Nicola L.
Serge Kantorowicz
Ku Khanh
Sebastien Le Guen



francoise Gilot

Françoise Gilot's name is a synonym to Art in the 20th century, in painting and writing. And yet in the 21st Century she is still flourishing. From a life spent with masters of Arts and Science like Picasso and Salk, she comes with a vibrancy and colors which will surprise the audience for an 90+ years young woman.

Françoise Gilot will once again share her creative ability to christen a new art gallery with her latest exposition displaying a lifetime of work. Come, meet and greet her for a new and intimate Art Gallery opening (focussing on her art) in the heart of South Park, at the private house of Colas Engel (, 3024 Laurel Street from 6 to 9 pm on August 11th 2016.

roger guillemin

The recipient of the Nobel prize for biology, Roger Guillemin, was always an art lover and collector. As he was using supercomputers in the 1980's for scientific imagery, his curiousity was aroused and he wondered "could this new medium be used to create artistic images?"

Guillemin was soon passionately creating and making history once more.

Come and join us as we celebrate his most recent works fresh of the press.  
Colas Engel (,
3024 Laurel Street from 6 to 9 pm on September 15th 2016.


About us

For collectors and art lovers, the internet is now the main source of information. That is why Colas Engel chose a virtual gallery.


Having been installed for three years in the United States, this French art dealer combines their emotions and deep knowledge of the art world to offer for sale both major and up and coming artists

  • Colas Engel Fine Arts provides access to its catalog of artists from around the world, seven days a week, in English and French, and undertakes both the reception and the delivery of works.

  • Colas Engel Fine Arts is open to individual collectors, but also to businesses and professionals covered by the laws of patronage of living artists.

  • Colas Engel Fine Arts advises companies and professionals in their choice of the mode of purchase (patronage, direct payment, leasing) and assists them in building a safe and rewarding heritage.




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